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Chairman Xu Xiaohong Receives Visitors from Christian Leadership Exchange
2018-12-29 Source: this site

On the morning of 18th December, 2018, Rev. Xu Xiaohong, chairman of National TSPM received a delegation from Christian Leadership Exchange led by President Dr. Danny Yu. Dr. Yu extended the congratulation towards Rev. Xu Xiaohong for being elected as the new chairman of National TSPM.

Although Shanghai weather in December was chilly, the greetings exchanged between the old acquaintances were warm and pleasant. During the meeting, Rev. Xu said that 2018 saw the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of China. Looking back on the glorious course of the past 40 years, we see China marching ahead on the path of developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in pursuit of the Chinese dream. The country has not only undergone significant changes in the economic society, but also achieved world-renown advancement. And it is the central government led by President Xi Jinping that drives the socialism with Chinese characteristics to develop in the new era. In the context of reform and opening up policy as well as the principles of self-independence and self-running for the church, the Christianity in China has achieved robust and steady progress with the joint efforts from the country and the people, and become the good witness of God in the Chinese society. Over the past several decades, the development of the church in China is tied with the care and aid from our fellow churches, including Christian Leadership Exchange, with which the bilateral cooperation has already borne much fruit. We should not only inherit good tradition and deep friendship from the older generation, but also further deepen the cooperation in achieving better results.


Dr. Yu said that Christian Leadership Exchange valued the friendship between both sides and wished for the chance of cross-religious communication with CCC&TSPM so that both could deepen mutual understanding and achieve more consensuses in creating the situation for pluralistic cooperation. He also expressed his interest in establishing dialogue with other religions together with CCC&TSPM, which could become the driving force of holding China-America cross-religious exchange. 

Rev. Xu pointed out that cross-religious exchange was of great significance. He mentioned that the cross-religious exchange meeting between the church in China and Germany had been successfully held for twice, which had rather profound influence on both sides. In the years to come, based upon the principles of ‘Self-independence, equality and friendliness, mutual respect’, the Christianity in China would like to be open to carry out friendly international dialogue with the religious community in the worldwide scale, deliver the real message of freedom of religious belief in China, showcase a positive image of the development of religions in China, and share with the world good stories from the Christianity in China. By doing so, it could facilitate the inter-religious communication and cooperation between both sides, strengthen the friendship between the people in both countries, and promote the friendly relations between two countries.

In the meeting, both sides also discussed upon topics regarding theological education and talent cultivation. Dr. Yu said that Christian Leadership Exchange would like to deepen the cooperation with CCC&TSPM, especially in the aspect of language training. He said they were eager to take advantage of their strength to help the church in China train talents with high language proficiency.

In the end, both sides exchanged gifts and took group photos.