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Heilongjiang Theological Seminary Receives Donations from Fujian CC&TSPM
2020-06-03 Source: this site

Located on the northern border of China, Heilongjiang Province has been facing the abruptly increased pressure caused by the imported cases of COVID-19. At this critical time of implementing regular virus prevention and control, and offering online courses, Heilongjiang Theological Seminary received donations from Fujian CC&TSPM, including 10,000 CNY, 50 barrels of disinfectants, 20 boxes of hand sanitizers, 50,000 KN95 masks and other important anti-epidemic supplies.



On May 21, 2020, there was a ceremony of receiving donations held in Harbin Hallelujah Church. Rev. Lv Dezhi, president and chairman of Heilongjiang CC&TSPM, president of Heilongjiang Theological Seminary, Rev. Li Meilan, executive vice president of the seminary, along with several faculty members attended the ceremony.



Rev. Lv Dezhi said, the fund and supplies donated by Fujian CC&TSPM are the timely assistance for Heilongjiang Theological Seminary during the time of fighting the virus. He expressed sincere gratitude towards Fujian CC&TSPM for the encouragement and support to the students, faculty members, as well as the staff members of the seminary.