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Fujian Theological Seminary

Fujian Theological Seminary was founded by the Fujian TSPM&CC in 1983. It is a full-time Protestant higher theological seminary accessible to the theological students in Fujian Province. The new campus covers an area of 17981.4 square meters.

The seminary is commited to training religious leaders who love the country and the church, and adhere to the Three-self Principles. The seminary has 1201 graduates for serving the church in Fujian Province. Now the seminary has 20 full-time teachers, and 28 part-time teachers. The seminary encourages teachers to further their study and do theological research. Now the seminary offers more than 80 courses. 


The seminary also invites scholars and church leaders to give lectures to the students. It focuses on the social practice for the students, helping raise students' awareness of knowing the church, loving the church and serving the church. 


Address: 121 FuWan Road, CangShan District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Webside: www.fjjidujiao.com

Tel: 0591-88689507