Jinan CC&TSPM Gifts Spring Couplets to the Rural Areas in Jinan, Shandong
Henan Theological Seminary Opens a Four-day Audio Technology Class
Single Senior People of the Rural Northeast Receive Traditional Food for the Upcoming Festival
Shaanxi CC&TSPM Visits Senior Pastors in Shaanxi Province
Zhejiang Theological Seminary Has 35th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service and Ordination
Changanjie Church Subsidizes Poor Families in Dehong, Yunnan
At the beginning of the New Year, Changanjie Church in Jiaohe City, Jilin Province gave church donation to brothers and sisters in Yingjiang and Longchuan County, Dehong Dai & Jingpo ethnic autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province, and hoped to help them out with the money.
Grey Hair Is the Crown of Glory
The elderly in Hulunbuir Lusi Nursing Home had a joint birthday party for the first time.
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