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Xiamen Xinjie Church

 Founded in 1848, Xiamen Xinjie Church is the oldest Protestant Church in China. It is known as 'the first holy church in China'. In 1928, the roof of the old church building collapsed, so the church was rebuilt in 1935. It features a Roman-style building with a red roof and an octagon bell tower.


Now the church has 6 departments and 46 groups, covering Bible reading group, witness group, elder group, prayer group, choir and so on. In recent years, the church held many trainings for clergymen and believers, and  had worship services on different Christian festivals to satisfy the spiritual needs of the believers in multiple ways.

Services: Sunday 8:15a.m., 10:00a.m., 15:00p.m.

Address: ZhonghuaCity, Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, China 

Tel: 0592-2072383