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Chairman Xu Xiaohong Received a Delegation from Hong Kong Anglican Church
2018-12-20 Source: this site

On the afternoon of 3rd December, 2018, Rev. Xu Xiaohong, Chairman of National TSPM received a delegation from Hong Kong Anglican Church (SKH) in Shanghai. Bishop Andrew Chan Au-ming, Chairman of SKH Executive Committee and SKH Primary School Council extended sincere congratulation to the new elected chairman of National TSPM and the new leadership of CCC&TSPM. The delegation consisted of twenty chiefs of Hong Kong SKH secondary schools and twenty chiefs of primary schools. Rev. Lin Manhong, Associate General Secretary of CCC and Ms. Gu Jingqin, the interim director of Overseas Relations Department and other staff members of CCC&TSPM received the delegation.

On behalf of the new leadership of CCC&TSPM, Rev. Xu Xiaohong, Chairman of National TSPM extended warm welcome towards the delegation from Hong Kong Anglican Church which happened to be the first delegation since the new leadership took office. Rev. Xu mentioned that prominent achievements had been made in the mainland since the reform and opening up tracing back to forty years ago.

After 1997, the year when the territory of the ‘Oriental Pearl’ Hong Kong returned to the mainland of China, its status as financial center and the leap of economic growth continued. The growth and prosperity in both Hong Kong and the mainland indicated that the two are bonded in blood and destiny. So is the relationship between the church in Hong Kong and the mainland. The strong and long-lasting friendship is the result of elaborate cooperation between the leaders from the older generation, and we should be obliged to pray for it and pass it on from generations to generations. Rev. Xu also stressed that the Christianity in China runs the church well in accordance with the Three-self Principles is by no means to disconnect the ecumenical church. On the contrary, it means to expand and foster the communication and partnership with churches.


Bishop Andrew Chan Au-ming then explained that the visit was a ‘Journey to the Root’ with the purpose of visiting CCC&TSPM, the churches, primary and secondary schools founded by Anglican Church. Bishop Chan said that they always bore in mind the close bond with the church in the mainland. He also wished to maintain good friendship with a stronger dialogue and cooperation between both parts.

Afterwards, Rev. Lin Manhong, Associate General Secretary of CCC, Mr. Wang Baocheng, interim director of Social Service and Mr. Du Peng from Media Department shared the work in each department respectively. In the meeting, both sides also exchanged ideas on the issues including how to run seminaries well, and better proceed theological training and social service, and so forth.

At length, Rev. Xu said that a deepening reform and opening up is beneficial to the development of the church in China. CCC&TSPM will further take on leadership role in guiding the church in all parts of China to run in accordance with the Three-self Principles, love country and love church, and make reasonable contribution in realizing the rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of our nation.