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Heilongjiang Theological Seminary Holds Activities on the National Memorial Day
2018-12-21 Source: this site

On 13th December, 2018, all students and faculty members from Heilongjiang Theological Seminary had the ceremony of raising the national flag and flying it at half-mast in Ark Church on the National Memorial Day.

At 7:45a.m., all students and faculty members gathered in front of Ark Church amid the solemn national anthem. They offered deep condolences to the Nanjing Massacre Victims who were slaughtered by the Japanese invaders 81 years ago.


Through the hosts introduction, all students and faculty members together recalled the miserable and tragic history. An ancient saying goes: history tells the rise and fall of a country. This heavy moment in history was a scar on the back of our motherland, as well as an indelible wound of every Chinese.

The ceremony on the National Memorial Day provoked all students and faculty members in Heilongjiang Theological Seminary into deeper contemplation on patriotism. As preachers in the new era, we should never keep this history of humiliation in history books. Instead, it can turn out to be the faith to realize the Chinese Dream, leading all church members to love the country and the church.