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Delegation of Singaporean Church Leaders Visits CCC&TSPM
2019-02-28 Source: this site

On 22nd February 2019, a nine-person delegation of Singaporean church leaders led by Bishop Terry Kee, president of National Council of Churches in Singapore (NCCS) visited CCC&TSPM. Rev. Wu Wei, president of CCC, Rev. Shan Weixiang, vice president and general secretary of CCC and other staff received the delegation. Both sides shared the current development of the church in their own country, and then exchanged ideas on general topics including church unity, pastoral care, et cetera.

Rev. Wu delivered a welcoming address to Singaporean church leaders, hoping that through further exchanges, the two sides can deepen mutual understanding and expand church ministries. Bishop Terry Kee expressed thanks to the hospitality of CCC&TSPM and expected to strengthen dialogue and enchange friendship during this visit.

Rev. Shan introduced the development of the church in China since the practice of union worship. Chinese Christians are blessed with mutual respect in the period of the uniting of the Church in China.



Even though faced with challenges such as the shortage of pastoral staff, the urgent need to further educate believers and so forth, the church in China will continue to promote the construction of theological thinking, the Contextualization and Indigenization of Christianity in China, so as to explore how to build a Christ’s church that is compatible with Chinese socialist society. During this process, the “new path” that the church in China has embarked on will provide the ecumenical church with church constructing experiences and the testimony of belief.


Rev. Shan also introduced the responsibilities of different departments of CCC&TSPM to help the guests fully understand the ministries of the church in China.


Singaporean church leaders focused on the history and current situation of the inter-denominational cooperation among different churches in Singapore, in which both NCCS and the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore have played an important role in terms of coordination.



At present, an increasing number of churches in Singapore are willing to unite in Christ, respect and love each other, actively participate in social services and care for the development of their nation.


Bishop Kee especially thanked CCC&TSPM for its efforts in publishing Chinese devotional books, which are helpful for the pastoral care in the Chinese churches in Singapore.


Rev. Ezekiel Tan, general secretary of the Bible Society of Singapore hoped to lead more delegates from different Singaporean churches to China so that they can get the first hand information about the church in China and the development of Chinese society. In this way, more churches in Singapore can have a better understanding of China and the Church in China in its process of development, and enhance communication and exchanges.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides exchanged gifts and took group photos.