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Heilongjiang Theological Seminary Holds the New Semester Service and Opening Ceremony
2019-03-27 Source: this site

On March 4, 2019, all students and faculty members from Heilongjiang Theological Seminary attended the new semester service and 2018-2019 spring opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Executive Vice President Rev. Li Meilan, and Vice President Rev. Xue Shihai gave a sermon titled “The calling and the following”.

Rev. Xue Shihai preached on the verses from Matthew 4:18-22 that told the story of Jesus first calling the four disciples.

He urged students to make clear of the calling of God and follow Him undoubtedly and fearlessly.



It is also necessary to be aware of personal duty and achieve “Church Dream” when collaborating with “Chinese Dream”, namely to “widely preach the gospel, establish churches and shepherd the flock”, in order to honor the name of the Lord.


At the ceremony, Rev. Xue expressed his expectations that at the beginning of a new semester, students would diligently study the Word of the Lord and equip themselves under the help of God, in becoming the utensil used by God as well as the source of blessings.

Rev. Lv Dezhi, chairperson of Heilongjiang TSPM and president of Heilongjiang Theological Seminary, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.


President Lv’s vision of the future of the seminary was that theological students could become Christian of the new age who love their country and church, dare to shoulder their responsibilities, and make great contribution to the development of the time.