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2019-06-11 Source: this site

At 10 a.m. of May 22, 2019, a five-person delegation from China Graduate School of Theology (CGST) led by Rev Dr. Stephen Lee visited CCC&TSPM.



Rev. Wu Wei, president of China Christian Council (CCC) warmly received the guests and hosted the symposium. Rev. Shan Weixiang, vice president and general secretary of CCC, and Rev. Shen Xuebin, vice president of CCC attended the symposium.


Rev. Wu Wei first extended welcome to the delegation. He then reviewed the friendly interaction and cooperation between the two sides. He expressed gratitude to CGST for its assistance and support in talent cultivation.


Rev. Wu stressed the significance of the indigenization and contextualization of Christianity in China as well as running the church in accordance with laws and regulations. He believed that with more efforts made in talent cultivation, laypeople training and social service ministries, the church in China could exert positive influence in the society and become good testimony as well.


Rev. Shan Weixiang introduced the divisions of CCC&TSPM and the church in China. He mentioned the current situation and challenges facing the theological education in China.


Rev. Shen Xuebin recalled the formation of Cantonese speaking services in the church in Shanghai, and introduced that many Hong Kong compatriots now attend Sunday services in Shanghai.


Rev. Dr. Stephen Lee said that he was impressed by the national and social progress achieved in mainland. Many mainland clergies who studied in Hong Kong also shared good testimonies. He hoped that the two sides could have more chances of interaction to deepen mutual understanding and foster cooperation.



At the symposium, the two sides exchanged gifts and took group photos.