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General Secretary of WCC Visits CCC&TSPM
2019-07-01 Source: this site

On the afternoon of June 17, 2019, Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) visited CCC&TSPM.



Rev. Xu Xiaohong, chairman of National TSPM, Rev. Wu Wei, president of China Christian Council (CCC), Rev. Shan Weixiang, vice president and general secretary of CCC, together with Rev. Lin Manhong, associate general secretary of CCC received the guest. The two sides had a friendly dialogue. The meeting was moderated by Rev. Wu Wei.


Rev. Xu Xiaohong extended welcome towards Rev. Tveit. Rev. Xu noted that there is a long-standing relationship between CCC&TSPM and WCC. The Church in China cherishes the friendship with its important partner, and hopes that there will be more chances of cooperation and exchanges between each other.


Rev. Xu introduced recent development of the Church in China and pointed out that identifying a correct path for self-development and union worship are keys to the healthy and high-speed growth of the Church in China. And this also is in accord with the Ecumenical Movement proposed by WCC.

Rev. Tveit appreciated the warm welcome from CCC&TSPM and said that he felt honored to have such a visit so as to better know the Church in China. On behalf of WCC, Rev. Tveit extended gratitude to CCC&TSPM for the support during the conference of WCC Commission on Faith and Order held from June 14 to 18 in Nanjing. He also expected a friendly long-lasting relationship between the two sides. 


Rev. Wu noted that WCC is the largest international Christian organization and the only Christian organization that CCC takes membership, the similarity of concept, as well as the mutual understanding shared by the two sides lay the foundation of friendship and cooperation.


Rev. Wu recalled the development of the Church in China, from the Three-self Principles, the reconstruction of theological thinking and the indigenization and contextualization of Christianity in China, reflecting that the Church in China is becoming the church of the Chinese people, the witness of the country as well as the positive strength driving the social progress. Meanwhile, as for the Taiwan issue, the Church in China adheres to the “One China” policy. The Church in China is open to share witness and experiences with overseas churches.


Rev. Shan Weixiang introduced the development of the Church in China and shared a few emerging issues in pastoral care in the new era.


Rev. Lin Manhong said that it was glad to have the chance of participating in the preparation of the conference of WCC Commission on Faith and Order. The Church in China valued the cooperation and interaction with WCC, which was seen as mutual beneficial to both sides.


After the meeting, the two sides exchanged gifts and took group photos.