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Finnish Bible Society Visits CCC&TSPM
2019-08-06 Source: this site

On August 2, 2019, Rev. Wu Wei, president of China Christian Council (CCC) received a five-person delegation from Finnish Bible Society at CCC&TSPM headquarters. The two sides reviewed previous exchanges and had an in-depth dialogue over Bible ministries, media ministries, along with topics including the indigenization and contextualization of Christianity in China.


Rev. Wu Wei said that Finnish Bible Society is an old friend that witnesses the development of the Church in China. He appreciated the assistance from Finnish Bible Society in Bible printing, paper supply and intercession.

Rev. Dr. Markku Kotila, CEO at Finnish Bible Society replied that the two sides have a long history of cooperation under the principles of mutual respect and sharing. Through the visit, the delegation hoped to know more about the development of the Church in China so that they could help the Finnish Christians deepen their understanding of the Church in China via sharing the stories of their Chinese counterparts.

Rev. Wu Wei mentioned that modern Christianity came to China under the protection of unequal treaties and failed to be integrated with traditional Chinese culture, thus it was associated with colonialism and left an impression of “foreign religion” on the Chinese people. 

To run the Church in China well and help Chinese Christians develop an independent understanding of God and theological thinking, pastors from generations to generations unceasingly and actively made exploration before they put forward the ideas of Three-self Principle and the indigenization and contextualization of Christianity in China.

Rev. Wu Wei finally said that the Church in China is open to visits from overseas pastors and staff members to strengthen mutual understanding and share spiritual experiences.

Rev. Richard Brewis, director of International Ministries of Finnish Bible Society, has been working on the localization of Bible translation and relevant studies for 15 years. He expected to see Chinese theologians adept in Chinese philosophy, culture, history and language translate the Chinese Bible for the Chinese people. He would like to pray for that.



Afterwards, Ms. Chen Hongli from the Media Department of CCC&TSPM and other staff members introduced to the guests the Bible ministries, challenges from media ministries as well as the corresponding measures.