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30 Students of Class of Advanced Studies Successfully Graduate from Inner Mongolia Bible School
2019-11-09 Source: this site

On October 25, 2019, Inner Mongolia Bible School held a graduation ceremony for its first class of advanced studies.


Rev. Xie Baohua, president and chairman of Inner Mongolia CC&TSPM shared a sermon entitled “The Journey Is Too Much For You”, inspiring students with the story of Elijah who had the angel of the Lord in company when he suffered from loneliness and was fed with water and bread when being fatigued and desperate.


“We should know that we are never soldiers by our own strength; instead, God will empower us at any time, and give the supplies for our souls, bodies and lives.”



Rev. Zhu Junwei, vice president of Inner Mongolia CC and Inner Mongolia Bible School mentioned that there were 30 graduates, most of whom come from western Inner Mongolia, finishing 30 courses in four terms.


To fulfill its academic goals, the class of advanced studies’ faculty consisted of teachers mostly invited from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, Yanjing Theological Seminary, Jiangsu Theological Seminary, along with pastors from Guangdong, Shandong, Shaanxi, etc.


The Bible school awarded graduates with certificates. Representatives of the graduates and undergraduates gave a speech respectively, expressing their appreciation towards the Bible School, pastors and teachers, as well as God’s leading. Both the graduates and Baotou CC&TSPM prepared gifts for the Bible School.