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Seminaries Take Measures to Prevent Coronavirus
2020-02-28 Source: this site

Yanjing Theological Seminary

On January 24, 2020, the seminary released the Notice on Suspending Physical Meetings for the Life Safety of Students and Faculty. It also encouraged all students and faculty members to pray for the country, churches, the frontline medical workers, as well as the infected people, urging them to shoulder social responsibilities, and take proper measures to protect themselves.

To express their concerns and love for the people in the epicenter——Wuhan, Hubei province, seminary students, faculty, sisters and brothers from the seminary's church have by February 9 donated 154,992.45 CNY in total, which will be sent to Wuhan to support especially the frontline medical workers through Beijing CC&TSPM and the Amity Foundation.

Jilin Bible School

Since February 2, the Bible school has paid close attention to the health conditions of all students and faculty who are on holiday, kept all information open and transparent, and updated news on a weekly basis. The seminary has also started to close off its campus——controlling the entry and exit of the seminary to make sure people and vehicles that are not from the school be denied access.

All students and faculty have been given lessons on virus prevention and control. The new semester is going to be postponed. Teachers have been required to give pastoral care to students, urging them to make the most of the time for spiritual growth and reading.

Zhejiang Theological Seminary

At 10 a.m. on February 15, an online video conference was held by the leadership team of virus prevention and control of Zhejiang Theological Seminary.

During the conference, teachers gave reports on the mental, behavioral, spiritual, academic and living status of their students; explained the method of online courses for higher education; discussed and decided on the Programme on Virus Prevention for the 2020 Spring Semester in order to get prepared for the new semester.

Fujian Theological Seminary

On the morning of February 17, Fujian Theological Seminary conducted its special "Online Opening Ceremony" for the new semester, which was attended by 175 students and faculty members. Rev. Lin Delai, general secretary & vice president of Fujian CC and vice president of Fujian Theological Seminary, hosted the ceremony.

The seminary has elaborated its online teaching programme, with 33 teachers providing courses for students, including courses on theology.

Shandong Theological Seminary

The seminary provides online courses and makes most of the National Open University Database. Its courses include "Moral Education and Law", "Chinese Literature", "Chinese Philosophy", etc. Teachers lead the classes by sending lecture handouts, designating readings and assignments, giving online lectures, having online discussions, etc.

The seminary has also organised series of events. Students are asked to help their friends, relatives and local church members to be aware of virus prevention and control. The seminary has been attentive to students' mental and spiritual status, trying to avoid radical thinking and safeguard against cults and heresy. Apart from taking measures to protect themselves, students and faculty are also encouraged to participate in voluntary work and make donation for the epicentre.

Nanjing Union Theological Seminary

All departments of the seminary work together to purchase supplies for virus prevention, sanitise the campus on a daily basis, take temperature test to every comer at the campus gate. They also keep each student and faculty informed of the notices of virus prevention and control, and check their health condition regularly.

During the winter holiday, teachers helped student enrich their days at home by sharing reading booklists and learning materials. They also encouraged one another to take proper measures to prevent infection.