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Fujian Theological Seminary Holds Online Thesis Oral Defense
2020-04-30 Source: this site

On April 22, 2020, Fujian Theological Seminary held an online conference for the thesis oral defense of the theological students who graduate this year. All the Class of 2020 graduates attended for the oral defense of their theses; 50 postgraduate students and junior students also watched online.


Seven professors from universities in China (such as Prof. You Bin, president of Religious Studies Department of Minzu University of China, Prof. Li Juzhen, vice president of Postgraduate Department of Fujian Normal University, etc), along with four supervisors of the seminary consisted of the Thesis Defense Committee.


The seminary’s vice president Rev. Lin Delai hosted the conference, and Rev. Du Qiying led the prayer. President Rev. Yue Qinghua made a speech. In his address, Rev. Yue mentioned that the graduates all got the chance of joining the compilation of “Excerpts from the Papers for the Sinocization of Christianity in China”, which could largely help deepen the understanding of Sinocization of Christianity and boost their academic and research capabilities. He also expected that the graduates would embark on a new journey to fulfill new responsibilities as pastors of this new era.


Based on the criteria this year, thesis self-assessment has been carried out. Graduates evaluated their own work as part of the thesis oral defense.

(Translated and edited by Bei Sang)