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Thirty-Six Preachers Ordained in Jilin
2020-09-30 Source: this site

On September 15, 2020, Jilin CC&TSPM conducted an ordination in Xiwu Road Church in Nanguang District, Changchun City. 16 preachers from Changchun City, Songyuan City, Siping City and Gongzhuling City were ordained as pastors.


16 people were ordained, including Qiao Yanhua (female), Zhou Xingting (female), Zhang Fengqin (female), Jin Jihao (Korean), Liu Xianling (female), Wang Shucheng, Cui Wenxi, Ning Jiahui, Zhang Limei (female), Wang Baoxian, Jiang Hong (female) from Changchun City; Li Chunbao, Luan Jianming, Zhao Chang (female) from Siping City; Lin Bin from Gongzhuling City; and Zhang Qiyi from Songyuan City.

On the morning of 16th, Jilin CC&TSPM held an ordination ceremony in the Thanksgiving Church on Beijing Road, Chuangying District, ordaining Wu Yuquan, Wang Guifa, Jiang Lan (female) and Li Junming as pastors.


On the morning of September 24, Jilin CC&TSPM had an ordination in Fumin Church, Meihekou City. 



Seven people were ordained as pastors, including Zhang Wanli (female), Li Changbo, and Qu Hongmin (female) from Meihekou City; Bai Yu from Tongliao City; Qian Zhongyang from Liaoyuan City; Xue Yangyang (female) and Dong Changhao from Baishan City. The congregation sang I Surrender All together and the ceremony ended up with the benediction given by the newly-ordained pastor Rev. Li Changbo.


On the morning of September 25, Jilin CC&TSPM held an ordination in Qinghe Church in Yanji City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Among these nine newly-ordained pastors, Wang Wenxiu (female) is Hanzu and the other eight are of Korean ethnicity, including Jin Haofan, Li Guangming, Cai Haiying (female), Jin Guangri, Jin Chunji, Ding Songri, Jin Chunri, and Wuan Shunzi (female).

(Translated and edited by Bei Sang)