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Anhui CC Holds Ordination Ceremony in Hefei
2020-11-25 Source: this site

On November 17, 2020, Anhui CC organized an ordination ceremony at the Church of Hefei City. Six pastors were ordained during the ceremony, namely Gu Ying (female), Wang Guangling (female), Zhang Huizhi (female), Zhang Xingbo, An Xiuyun (female), Tian Bao. There were also 11 newly-ordained elders including Sun Guocang, Liu Zufeng (female), Wang Xianxia (female), Cao Ying (female), Zhou Fenglian (female), Li Guangjun, Wang Baolan (female), Chen Guo’an, Zhu Dailin, Gao Deming, Xiao Hong (female).


The six-person ordaining group consisted of Chairman of Anhui TSPM Rev. Chen Tianyuan, Secretary General Rev. Zhang Fuxi, Chairman of Anhui TSPM Rev. Xue Lianxi, General Secretary Rev. Cui Yingpei, President of Hefei CC Rev. Huang Baojun, and Vice President & General Secretary Rev. Yao Chuanju.



Rev. Chen Tianyuan hosted the ceremony. Rev. Xue Lianxi delivered a sermon entitled “Follow the Visions From Heaven”, exhorting the newly-ordained pastors and elders, together with all staff members in Anhui Province to “desire a noble task”, be examples to the flock, learn continually, and “keep watch over oneself and all the flock” as servants who can glorify the Lord and benefit people.


The ceremony ended up with the benediction given by the newly-ordained pastor Rev. Tian Bao.

(Translated and edited by Bei Sang)