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【Poems】Meditations for Holy Week


On Palm Sunday

No fright of death Jesus had in His final week on earth;

But the disciples only knew Zion was the place they journeyed to.

On an unridden donkey the King of Peace rode for His triumphal entry;

And the crowd waved palm branches to welcome the One with Glory.

Many were God’s exhortations revealed to Jerusalem in the old days,

While the flames of wars kept occurring without end in this land.

When the hustle and bustle of grand event comes to the end,

His precious teaching still resides in my heart to benefit my soul.

On Day of Authority

Leafy but with no fruit, the fig tree was nothing of use;

So like firewood to burn the tree deserted was cursed to wither.

The Man with Authority arrived and overturned the benches of the vendors,

For with their merchandise and money they tarnished the temple of God.

In the mind of the chief priests they were to gain benefits;

And teachers of the law only behaved as if they were pious.

But in my eyes truly wealth and fame are the lest important,

Only the Lord is my compass to follow to the very end.

On Day of Teaching

In His temple of holiness words of awakening were given by Jesus;

He rested the Mount of Olives on a dark, foggy night.

Love feast attendees in the end times wait for the oracle of God,

Looking to Jesus for His salvation to raise them from the dead.

With a devoted mind one shall do the work day by day;

The young, ambitious heart should do the duty diligently on its own.

A low-born person who seek truth can truly repent;

Not in vain are His coming and sacrifice with love.

On Day of Meditation

With no words or whispers being heard, all is silence, absolute silence;

And so the lonesome feeling may yearn for the company of friends.

Often after reading at the quiet night I am lost in thought;

Being secluded but feeling uneasy because the future of uncertainty worries me.

The foe designed a scheme to crucify Jesus;

Our Savior knew but complied to fulfill God’s will.

So till the very end when in glory the Lord Christ returns,

We the people of God can experience once again our Father Almighty.

On Day of Fellowship

In the Passover the Last Supper was held,

Where Jesus foretold his betrayal that disturbed the hearts of disciples.

With humility He wrapped clothes and washed the feet of the disciples;

And His earnest praying even caused Himself to sweat drops of blood.

At night sleepy disciples failed to stay awake as Jesus asked them to,

Since in sorrow they were for knowing He would leave them soon.

Once with the Lord Christ Jesus they had such a close fellowship;

But like no other was the benediction prayer that day by Him.

On Good Friday

In dark night the disciples wailed and were touched by His grace,

While for more than once the Man was interrogated until next morning.

Three times as He said before the rooster crowing Peter denied Him;

The barking of dogs was heard and the rest of crowd fled.

As a test of humanity if trials and adversity never ever come,

Surely men will brag on themselves and also keep laughing at others.

On the cross after Jesus finished the seven sayings,

The mortal body died to make the crucifixion done.

On Vigil Day

The earth shook and trembled the moment Jesus took His last breath;

In a new tomb His body was placed for the temporary stay.

In all His miraculous life the Son of Man preached the gospel;

But His last three years saw hardships and received not much honor.

Giant was the stone stealing the tomb of Jesus;

Soldiers were on guard to watch over the crowd.

People witnessed in Golgotha as Jesus was put on cross,

But then they mostly left with only a few remaining.

On Easter Sunday

The dark night ended and a new day came;

The third day He rose with lingering good news.

First the women saw Him alive, who waited early with loving hearts;

Rejoiced then the commissioned disciples to hear His rising from the dead.

On road to Emmaus the two met Jesus but recognized Him late;

The touching of wounds made doubting Thomas confess: He is the Lord.

The Spirit is bestowed upon those who seek peace in their hearts;

The Great Commission is also given to preach all over the world.

The poems were written by Xu Xiaohong, the chairperson of National Commitee of TSPM, and translated by Bei Feng.