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The Savior Appears with Merciful Face

Photo by Feroz Quazi from Burst

(Gist of a poem)

1. Women disciples set off at dawn, bringing perfume to anoint Jesus body, piously and modestly.

The empty tomb reveled that the Lord had risen.  Tender voice called the name, and calmed down the trembling soul.

2. On the walk to Emmaus, disciples eyes were hazy under the evening gloom.

The Lord appeared to them.  His kindly light guided their way forward.

3. Jesus their master was nailed upon the cross, the apostles lost their heart for a while,

The Savior showed His wounded side, which means love endures, never stop to flow.

4. Let not grief cover up the face of our Lord.  Why doubt, wonder, and hesitate?

Just hear His words, and accept the inner peace, the Savior is beside us all the time.

5. Each thought of Jesus resurrection, our spiritual life grows, and joy overflows.

Always answer His call, and follow His step, as our Lords appearance stay long in the world.

(Refrain) Jesus our Savior appears closely to us, dispelling darkness, and conquering the power of death.

Driving out my foolishness, and strengthening my faith, let me come and see my Lords merciful face.

Composed by Rev. Cao Shengjie (who was the former president of China Christian Council), during the rampant period of Covid epidemic situation in 2021, translated and edited by Bei Feng and Tian Tian.