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“Honeydew” Schooling Support Project

From: 2010
Beneficiary scope: Henan, Guizhou, Jilin and other 14 provinces
Beneficiaries: 965
Introduction: The "Honeydew" Schooling Support Project is a long-term program initiated by the Social Service Department of CCC&TSPM. Through cooperation with churches around the country, help orphans and children from poor single-parent homes to continue their studies.

Project Details

"Dear uncles and aunts, I am a student in grade four in Longjing Elementary School…Previously, my Mom was reluctant to buy me a new dress. I particularly admire those girls wearing new dresses in Children's Day. Fortunately, because of the 1800 yuan you donated to me, I got a new skirt and new stationery…I hope to grow up, like you, to help everyone with love. My ideal is to be a doctor, helping each one to relieve the pain, and have a healthy body. I can also treat my family, and if someone is injured, I can get them to be treated. Like you, I will sprinkle the seeds of love into the world, pass on love and let society be full of love... "



Through the “Honeydew” Schooling Support Project, we help children from poor single-parent and orphan homes to continue their studies. At present, more than 400 registered children are waiting for funding. For those children who desire knowledge, your love will give them a hope to change their fate by knowledge. For those children whose families are do poor, your care will make them feel warm. For those children who bear the heavy burden of life too early, your support will make them have sunny smile again.

This project welcomes any amount of dedication, and we will integrate the charity fund and distribute it to these children.

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Dedication payment
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Alipay direct transfers: offering@ccctspm.org, Chinese Christian association.