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‘Forget Not All His Benefits’
2018-11-20 Source: this site

On 28th October, 2018, Nanguan Church in Nongan County, Changchun, Jilin Province held a thanksgiving service to celebrate autumn harvest and venerate the elderly. Although it was a very cold October morning in Northeast China, brothers and sisters came in all directions and gathered together at the church.


During the service, corsages were prepared for old people over 70 years old. Crops and fruits brought by brothers and sisters were presented before the pulpit. The pastor preached on the theme ‘Forget Not All His Benefits’ (Psalms 103: 2). He exhorted believers to be grateful to god at all times and remember God’s forgiveness, healing, salvation and supplement. After the sermon, brothers and sisters gave their carefully prepared performances and offered thanks to God with joyous dancing and beautiful singing.   



After the service, Elder Huang Aijun led church staff to Nongan Welfare Homes and Golden Sunshine Elderly Homes and share the fruits offered by brothers and sisters in the thanksgiving service with over 90 old people. Though the gifts that the Church brought were not expensive, the elderly were deeply touched. Elder Huang said that we should care about the elderly in our church as well as those in elderly homes. Through our actions, they can feel the love of god and know all that gained are the grace of God.


The next day, Elder Huang Aijun and church staff visited over 30 families living in poverty with gifts from the service.