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Jiangsu CC&TSPM Holds 2018 Retreat Meeting
2018-11-16 Source: this site

From 5th to 9th November, 2018, Jiangsu CC&TSPM held the 2018 Retreat Meeting for all church staff in Sihong branch campus of Jiangsu Theological Seminary. Over 150 church staff from Jiangsu Province attend the meeting.

On the afternoon of 5th November, the retreat meeting began with a spiritual sermon. At 15:00, the opening ceremony officially kicked off in Sihong Messiah Church.


Over the following three days, Dr. McDowell and Rev. Dr. Greg Ogden were invited as special guests to give sermons closely echoed the theme 'Building a Healthy and Harmonious Church in Jiangsu'. Their witty remarks and vigorous teaching won praise from all church staff. On the final day of the meeting, Zhou Xiaojin, Director of Jiangsu Administration of Religious Affairs delivered a speech on How to Carry Out Religious Affairs in the New Era and elaborate religious policies and key focuses, offering guidance for Jiangsu church’s future work. 

The retreat meeting closed with a special award ceremony titled ‘2018 Good Shepherd’ to award prominent CC&TSPM organizations, churches and affiliated fellowships with Outstanding Organization Award and Samuel Award. 

Although the retreat meeting has ended, God’s blessing never ends. May the Lord descends showers of blessing to all church staff with faith and competence, and guides the church in Jiangsu to better honor God and benefit the people.