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Churches across the Country Hold New Year Services
2019-01-03 Source: this site

On 31st December, 2018, Dunhua CC&TSPM held New Year service in Guangming Church on Minzhu Road, Dunhua City, Jilin Province. Over 300 church members and deacons from 25 churches and church-affiliated fellowships attended the service.


Rev. Wang Daiyu, president of Dunhua CC&TSPM gave a sermon titled “Becoming Those Who have Conquered”, shared the verses that stress the strength of role models in the Bible, and urged all church members and staff to become the role model of believers.



On the occasion of the New Year's Day (the first day of a new year), 9 church choirs (from Halleluiah Church, Nan’gang Church, Bethel Church, Immanuel Church, Acheng Church, Daowai Church, Dongli Church, Pingfang Church and Xiangfang Church), together with church members and brothers and sisters in the church in Harbin, Heilongjiang gathered together in Halleluiah Church for the 2019 New Year Praise Service.


When the New Year’s bell rang at 0:00 of 1st January 2019, the New Year Service in Shenhua Church kicked off in Yanji, Jilin.


It has been a tradition for Shenhua Church to start the New Year Service at this time every single year. As an important ministry in the church, all church members are required to worship at the beginning of the New Year to express their thanks and seek for the guidance of God.


At 7:00 a.m. of 1st January, 2019, Mujia Garden Church held a series of church activities to celebrate the New Year’s Day, which aimed at guiding church members to lead a faithful, kind, positive life in the New Year.  



A two-hour New Year prayer meeting started at 10 p.m. of 31st December 2018 in Chengguan Church, Pingtan, Taiwan. Over a thousand church members, staff and believers attended and prayed for the ministries of the church, including the prayer for pastoral governance, theological education training, Bible learning, and the renewal of life; for building church, preaching gospel, and resisting heresies and extremism; for community civilization, charity, education aid and poverty alleviation; for world peace, the prosperity of the country, the reunification with the motherland, the well-being of the people, and so forth.