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The Mandarin-Speaking Congregation of Yanji Shenhua Church Displays Bible Manuscripts
2019-08-14 Source: this site

To remember the 100th anniversary of publishing CUV Bible, the Mandarin service department of Shenhua Church held an exhibition to display Bible manuscripts with the theme of “Centennial unity, everlasting grace -- in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of publishing CUV Bible”. About 300 believers attended the activity on August 9, 2019.  



Rev. Jin Zhenghong from Mandarin service of Yanji Shenhua Church hosted the exhibition.


Rev. Jin first introduced the process of translating and publishing CUV Bible in great details. She presented the scroll Bible and growth ring Bible published by CCC&TSPM in celebrating the centennial of CUV Bible and encouraged the congregation to read Bible diligently since the Word is a lamp for our feet, and a light on our path.


Mandarin service of Yanji Shenhua Church has the history of hand copying Bible for nearly ten years. There are 12 brothers and sisters who display their hand-copied Bibles this year.


Sister Cheng Chunzhi aged 72 as the oldest among the 12, spent nine years finishing copying the Bible. Those years have witnessed her spiritual growth.


The youngest sister Li Ying has already copied Bible for two times. Even though she had to use left hand due to the illness of her right hand, her hand-writing is still clear and neat.


Brother Yang Jingguo, aged 66, starts to copy Bible for the fourth time.


Sister Zhang Fenghua used the least time to finish -- merely five months, spending over seven hours per day to copy Bible verses.

Commemerating the centennial of CUV Bible is to practice Biblical teachings in our daily lives and be the light and salt in the world to honor the glory of God.