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Media Ministry Department

Department Chief: Shan Weixiang

Chief Editor of Tianfeng: Hao Zhiqiang 


ž   Editorial Office of Tian Feng: Du Peng, Wang Rongwei, Fang Ying, Wang Dongyun, Zhang Weijue, Cai Shu, Chen Yanqiong


ž   Website: Qiu Yun, Zhang Lili, Lin Siwen


ž   Publication Group: Chen Hongli, Qiu Ruyi, Li Qingyan


ž   Distribution Group: Zhou Jiayang, Lu Jiangrong, Cao Nongzhen, Zhang Qun, Zhang Yun, Zhang Wenjing


ž   Book Store: Ma Peijie, Fang Ji, Xu Jia


Main Responsibilities:


n  Coordinate the editing, publication and distribution of Tian Feng, books, audio and video products, together with Bibles and Hymns.


n  Guide and contact provincial CC&TSPMs (including autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) in terms of publication and distribution.


n  Help and guide church members through word ministry, make good use of the website as a modern medium to promote 'Three-Self' education, reconstruction of theological thinking and 'Zhongguohua' (Christianity in China conforms with Chinese culture and tradition).


n  Strengthen the maintenance and management of the internal LAN (Local Area Network).


n  Participate in periodical-related academic discussions and the sharing of work experience.


n  Publicize church activities in China and achievements in the reconstruction of theological thinking through the Internet.


Contact Number:

Tian Feng: 021-6329 7515

Website: 6339 0761

Publication: 6329 2746

Distribution: 6321 6040

Bookstore: 6329 3799