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The Two Christian Organizations in Beijing, Shaanxi and Jiangxi Study the Newly Revised "Regulations on Religious Affairs"
2017-09-25 Source: this site Source: XinhuaNet

On September 26, 2017, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Christian Church and the NPC Standing Committee were held at the Beijing Convention Center. Municipal Standing Committee of Christians, pastoral workers more than 50 people attended the meeting. Municipal Christian Committee of the NPC and CPPCC members attended the newly revised "Regulations on Religious Affairs," and Director Yu Miao of the State Bureau of Religious Affairs Policy and Regulation was invited to give lectures. Director Yu Miao gave a detailed explanation from four aspects: the necessity of revising the Regulations on Religious Affairs, the revised basic principles, the process of revising, and the main contents of the revisions. In the lecture, a large number of video cases were interspersed with articles The newly revised "Regulations on Religious Affairs" have a more comprehensive and in-depth study and understanding, laying a solid foundation for the future study and study of the "Regulations on Religious Affairs" by the Municipal People's Congress and the municipalities. (Correspondent: Li Xiaojing)


On Sept. 27, 2017, the Christian and Pupils Conference of Shaanxi Province held the "Training Course on the Revised Regulations on Religious Affairs" for the Christian community in Shaanxi Province in Xi'an. Shaanxi Province, Christian Committee of the entire members of the church throughout the province, principally responsible for a total of 110 people attended the meeting. The study of the newly revised "Regulations on Religious Affairs" by the Christian community in Shaanxi Province is an important measure taken by the Shaanxi Provincial Church.


On the afternoon of September 28, 2017, Pastor Li Yungen, chairman of the Jiangxi Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee and president of the Jiangxi Bible School, conducted a Guidance Seminar on "Learning and Carrying out the Revised Regulations on Religious Affairs" in the school auditorium. The lecture was chaired by Rev. Wu Hongying, Provost of Jiangxi Bible School. More than 100 teachers and students of Jiangxi Christian Council and Jiangxi Bible School participated in the tutorial. Pastor Li Yungen hopes to learn from and make good use of the regulations both at the provincial Christian Council and the teachers and students of the Jiangxi Bible School. As a Christian working together for the two sessions, learn the "Regulations" to guide their own work, due diligence for the church in Jiangxi. As a school teacher, I try my best to equip myself to be knowledgeable, capable and virtuous and devote more energy to teaching, teaching and teaching in schools. As a student, prepare yourself to be a good instrument to become a church worker in a new era of observance of the law. (Correspondent: Hong Shu Yong, Nie Fu Ling)


On the morning of September 30, 2017, the Christian community in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held a special training session on the implementation of the newly revised "Regulations on Religious Affairs" held in the Qingshan East Hall, Baotou City. More than 400 experts from Kunming District, Aoyama, Former, East River, soil right, Guyang and other 10 counties and two leaders of Christianity participated in the study. The participating workers believed that the implementation of the newly revised "Regulations on Religious Affairs" is of great significance to safeguarding citizens' right to freedom of religious belief, safeguarding unity and harmony in the religious field and maintaining social stability and harmony. (Correspondent: Zhang Yecheng)