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"Chinese Christian teaching staff to determine ways"
2017-09-24 Source: XinhuaNet

Editor : In order to further standardize the identification of religious staff, and the upcoming "Religious Affairs Regulations" of the State Council "religious personnel filing methods" convergence, the Chinese Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee seventh, the Chinese Christian Association The 4th Standing Committee of the Fifth Session discussed and approved the full text of the "Measures for the Recognition of Chinese Christian Staff and Staffs". 

  Article 1  These Measures are formulated in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Regulations on Religious Affairs and the relevant provisions of the Regulations of the Church of the Protestant Churches in China (hereinafter referred to as the "Church Rules"). 

  Article 2  The term "teaching staff" as mentioned in the present Measures refers to "pastor" in the "church rules", namely, bishops (or "supervisors"), pastors (including elders who are pastors in individual church traditions), teachers Or "deputy priest"), elders, evangelists (or "priests"). 

  The third  teaching staff should have the following basic conditions. 
(1) To uphold the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, support the socialist system and observe law and discipline. 
(B) faith is pure, in line with the requirements of the Bible, based on the content of the Bible and the Apostles' Creed as a basis for believing, respecting the characteristics of different beliefs. 
(3) Adhering to the principle of "three principles," we can unite believers in the path of patriotism, love God and benefiting others. 
(D) willing to sacrifice, with the mission of the church shepherd and entrusted to comply with the "church rules" of the relevant provisions, according to their respective responsibilities to exercise the sacrament of the church and etiquette. 
(E) have good moral character and behavior witness. 
The assumption of faculty is not conditional on whether or not to accept church wages. 

  Article 4  In addition to the basic conditions prescribed in Article 3 of these Measures , faculty members shall have the following qualifications according to their respective professional titles: The 
bishop should have a bachelor degree or above (including undergraduate) education, and over 40 years of age, Decades, rich in pastoral experience, deep theological attainments, and actively promote the construction of theology, there are a number of guiding papers or writings, can unite with workers and believers, noble character, loved and respected by believers. 
Priests should have formal education in theology, including undergraduate (four years) or undergraduate degree or above, must have at least two years of pastoral work experience; theological specialist or Bible School (two to three years) graduates, must have at least three years Pastoral work experience. 
Teachers should have formal education in theology, including graduates of theology (four years) with at least one year of pastoral work experience; graduates of theological or bible schools (two to three years) with at least two

Candidates should submit a written application by themselves and be elected by the local church organization and be consented to be reported to the Christian and Chinese Congregational Communities (autonomous regions and municipalities) by the two municipalities (prefectures and countries) of the city where they are located. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Christian two sessions should listen to opinions and review. 
The candidates for elders shall apply by themselves and the church churches agree to submit them to the Christian Council of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) to be examined and approved by the local Christian communities. 
The preachers are required to go through the place where the church is elected and to be approved by the two municipalities of the city (prefecture, prefecture and union) Christianity in the areas under the jurisdiction of the county (city, district and flag). 

  Article VII The  priesthood shall not be arbitrarily granted, and the ordinance of priesthood shall be held in public in the church. 
At least three bishops wish the bishops to participate in the hand, you can ask respected priests to join hands; according to the priest to be a bishop and at least two priests together or at least three priests together by hand; At least three priests together by hand; according to the elder at least three priests, elders (one of them must be a priest) to participate in the hand. 
The ordination of priesthood is generally organized by the two Christian organizations recognized as the faculty. Among them, the presbytery may be commissioned by the Presbyterian Church to appoint the two organizations of the Christian community (prefecture, prefecture and union) of the city where the faculty is located. 
Evangelists are not priesthoods and are declared and seconded by two Congregational (municipal, district, and flag) Christian parties. 

  Article 8 The  recognized faculty members shall file with the religious affairs department of the government according to the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on Religious Affairs". After the completion of the record-keeping, the Christian and Pupils who hold the post of their teaching shall be sent a "Chinese Christianity Certificate Staff card ". 

  Article 9  Deacons and unchinarded volunteers, if participating in the preaching, should also make reference to the conditions or requirements of the preachers. 

  Tenth scholar of  seminary, if engaged in preaching, shall be affirmed by the two Christian associations affiliated with the church newspaper. If teachers of theological colleges want to establish sacred positions, they should follow the provisions of Article 6 and Article 7 of these Measures. 

  Article 11 Staff and faculty who have already made "church rules and regulations" prior to the effective date of the present Measures generally will no longer be re-affirmed according to the procedures set forth in these Measures but shall report to the religious affairs department of the government for record according to the provisions of the "Regulations on Religious Affairs" After the record issued to the "Chinese Christian teaching