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Guangzhou Savior Church Conducted Anniversary Ceremony
2019-05-09 Source: this site

From April 13 to 14, 2019, Savior Church held an anniversary ceremony in Guangzhou, Guangdong, celebrating its 100th anniversary since it was built and its 34th anniversary since its restoration.


In 1911, deployed by the Hong Kong Anglican Church, Rev. Mok Sau Tseng bought a piece of land (now No. 184 Wanfu Road) for building Savior Church. Lam Woo, a church member from the Hong Kong Anglican Church was responsible for the church design.


After years of fundraising from both home and abroad, the cornerstone ceremony was held in 1919 and Bishop Gerard Health Lander was invited to lay the cornerstone and gave benediction. The construction of the church building was completed in the early winter of 1921.

On 13 April, there was an evening gala, featuring Cantonese gospel songs, western operas, modern songs, dance and praise dance, which together created a joyous and solemn atmosphere.


At the anniversary ceremony, Rev. Cheng Sau Ding, senior pastor from HKSKH Crown of Thorns Church was invited to preach at four revival meetings entitled “Christ the Savior”.


Fu Yun Kwong (Raymond Fu), who serves as the art advisor of INTERKULTUR Foundation and chairperson of the Opera Society of Hong Kong, along with his team gave performance on “Voice of the Century Thanksgiving and Praise meeting” and revival meetings.