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Liaoning CC&TSPM and Jilin CC&TSPM Reward Local Medical Workers Returning from Hubei Province
2020-04-17 Source: this site

Liaoning CC&TSPM decided to reward local medical workers who had been dispatched to fight the virus in Hubei Province and donate money to three COVID-19 designated medical institutes in Shenyang City, Dalian City and Jinzhou City. According to statistics, there are 2,053 Liaoning medical workers who have been in Hubei province, and each will be given 500 CNY. And there will be 500,000 CNY donated to medical institutes. Two projects together cost 1,526,500 CNY. By March 18, churches across Liaoning Province have donated 5,100,000 CNY through multiple channels.

On April 8, Jilin’s last batch of medical workers returned from Hubei Province, having fulfilled their task of fighting COVID-19. On behalf of all Christians in the province, Jilin CC&TSPM decided to give financial reward to each of all 1209 medical workers. The sum of all the rewards is 1,209,000 CNY. By April 10, Jilin churches have donated money and supplies worth over 7,920,000 CNY for virus prevention and control.

(Translated and edited by Bei Sang)