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Tianjin Municipality and Jilin Province Celebrate 2020 “The Day of Bible”
2020-12-23 Source: this site

From December 12 to 13, 2020, Tianjin CC&TSPM conducted “The Bible Day of the Church in China” themed activities in response to the call of CCC&TSPM.


The activities consisted of three parts. Firstly, on 13rd, churches in Tianjin delivered sermons themed by “The Bible Day of the Church in China” during Sunday services. Secondly, on the Bible Day (12nd and 13rd), leaders and representatives of the staff members of churches and church-affiliated fellowships were invited to share a few words to express their love towards the Bible, or simply select their favorite Bible verse, which would be compiled and printed as a commemorative booklet for church members. Thirdly, there was a Bible exhibition to promote the Bible Day. 



A handwritten version of Bible by 1,189 Christians was officially published this October, through which Christians in Tianjin expressed their love for the Book.


During the Bible Day, churches in Jilin held themed Sunday services.



Apart from producing handwritten Bible verses, Nanzhan Church of Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan City, also encouraged church members to express their understanding of the Word of God with Chinese calligraphy and drawings. 

Minzhu Street Church of Jiaohe City held a prayer meeting on the Bible Day. The congregation read Bible verses and prayed together. They encouraged one another and let the Word of God guide their lives. 


Hongmei Town Church of Meihekou City has been following its tradition of reading Bible verses since July 1 of 2018. From the Book of Genesis, church members read three chapters on daily basis. There is also a 30-minute Bible knowledge quiz held in the church each night.

Guangming Church of Dunhua City designed a Bible reading timetable for church members. Ensuring that the gospel could be heard by the people in need, the church had donated Bible copies to them before the Bible Day.


15 brothers and sisters from Mapaitou Church of Shuangyang District, Changchun City copied Bible verses by hand. A sister, aged over 80, had already copied the entire Bible twice by hand. 

Staff members of Korean ethnicity in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture participated in the competition of Bible reading in local dialects.