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Updated: Seminaries Hold the 2022 Commencement
2022-07-19 Source: this site

On June 2, 2022, Anhui Theological Seminary conducted a ceremony for college graduates this year, as well as those who finished the 27th preacher training session in the seminary’s auditorium.

The ceremony was hosted by Rev. Dai Yongsheng, vice president of Anhui Christian Council and academic dean of the seminary. Due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the ceremony was not open to the public. It was attended by just over 170 students and faculty members on campus.

Rev. Dai Yongsheng introduced the basic situation of the college graduates and those who completed the preacher training session this year. On behalf of Anhui CC&TSPM, Rev. Xue Lianxi made a speech to exhort students to love the country and the church, and serve with a humble heart.

Rev. Chen Tianyuan, president of the Seminary, conferred certificates to all the 31 college graduates and 77 participants of the preacher training session. The ceremony was successfully concluded with the benediction given by Rev. Chen Tianyuan.

On the morning of June 12, 2022, Yanjing Theological Seminary held its 2022 commencement while ensuring that anti-epidemic measures were prudently observed.

This year, 16 students completed undergraduate study in Divinity and seven of them gained their bachelor’s degrees.

Academic Dean Rev. Chen Yuexin hosted the graduation ceremony and Rev. Wu Weiqing performed the liturgy of commissioning.

On June 17, Jiangsu Theological Seminary held the 2022 thanksgiving service and graduation ceremony to send off over a hundred graduates, who have geared up to go down to the threshing floor.

The thanksgiving service was conducted from 8:30 a.m. in the seminary’s auditorium. All faculty members and students attended to praise and give thanks to God. Rev. Li Jiyin hosted the service.  Rev. Li Binghe preached a sermon titled “Be Brave and Courageous”, hoping that the students can embrace personal vulnerability, fear and obey with all their heart, seize the promise of the graceful Lord, and forge ahead with a strengthened mind and body in their future ministry.

This year, Jiangsu Theological Seminary has 121 graduates in total, including 52 four-year undergraduates and 69 students from the Pastoral Program.

On June 20, 2022, Nanjing Union Theological Seminary held its 2022 commencement & worship service in the seminary’s auditorium. Rev. Gao Feng, president of the seminary, Rev. Xu Xiaohong, chairperson of National TSPM, Rev. Wu Wei, president of CCC, respectively delivered a speech to say congratulations to all graduates over video conferencing.

Rev. Chen Bin, vice president of NJUTS, hosted the graduation service. Executive Vice President Rev. Chen Yilu preached a sermon titled “What Shall I Take with Me”.

Rev. Chen Yilu read the name list of the 2022 graduates. Of all 162 graduates, 137 were from undergraduate programs and 125 students earned their bachelor’s degree in divinity; all the 25 graduate students gained their master’s degree in divinity. Rev. Chen Bin and Rev. Lin Manhong, academic dean of the seminary, conferred graduation and degree certificates upon the graduates.

Representatives of 2022 graduates then came to the stage to receive the books given by NJUTS and presented their gifts to the seminary as well. At last, Rev. Chen Yilu performed the liturgy of commissioning and gave benedictions to all.

On the afternoon of June 22, Shaanxi Bible School held the 2022 Graduation praise-meeting titled “Keep Running and Never Give up” in the school’s auditorium. All faculty members and students attended the event.

The praise-meeting consisted of three parts: piano etude, Chinese and foreign classics by teachers and students, recitation with music (piano or string instruments), as well as display performances given by students taken optional music classes (drum kit, African drums, violin, guitar, piano, etc.)

The faculty sang hymns “Savior Lead Me, Lest I Stray” and “Oh God, Give Me Peace”, through which they encouraged and gave blessings to the graduates.

On June 27, all faculty members and students of Sichuan Theological Seminary gathered in the seminary’s auditorium attending the 2022 graduation ceremony. This year 17 students finished their undergraduate study.

The commencement was hosted by Rev. Yuan Shiguo, vice president of the seminary; Rev. Long Shangyong, vice president and academic dean, read out name lists of graduates and excellent students. Rev. Rao Jianhua, president of Sichuan TSPM and Sichuan Theological Seminary, conferred graduation certificates and honorary certificates upon graduates and award winners.

On July 5, Heilongjiang Theological Seminary held the 2022 graduation service and ceremony in the Ark Chapel, which is located in the Mount of Olives Educational Base. The seminary had 30 graduates from theology program, sacred music program and special education program.

On the same day, Shandong Theological Seminary conducted the 2022 commencement. It was attended by nearly 300 people, including the leadership of Shandong CC&TSPM, and all the teachers and students of the seminary.

Rev. Wang Mengkun, general secretary of Shandong CC&TSPM, hosted the ceremony and introduced the graduates to the audience. Rev. Gao Ming, chairperson of Shandong TSPM and Rev. Li Hongyu, vice chairperson and vice president of Shandong CC&TSPM together conferred graduation certificates upon all the 118 graduates. Among them, 32 completed undergraduate courses, 22 completed college courses and 64 finished the layperson program.

On the morning of July 8, Guizhou Bible School conducted the 2022 graduation ceremony and commencement for Guizhou Clergy Training Center’s 2nd training session in the school’s auditorium.

Approximately 150 people attended the ceremony, including resident members of Guizhou CC&TSPM and Guiyang CC&TSPM, clergy and fellow workers of Guiyang Church, as well as students and faculty members of Guizhou Bible School.

This year the seminary has 15 graduates in total, and the training center has 48 participants who completed the 2nd training session for clergy and laypersons. All of them successfully completed their learning tasks after studying for three year and one month respectively.

Translated and edited by Bei Sang.