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Bible Day 2022 Celebrated in Shanghai
2022-12-15 Source: this site

Co-hosted by CCC&TSPM and Jingling Church, the Bible Day 2022 was conducted in Jingling Church, Shanghai on December 10-11, 2022. This year the event, under the theme “Draw the Scripture”, was attended by Rev. Wu Wei, president of CCC, Rev. Shan Weixiang, vice president and general secretary of CCC, Rev. Hao Zhiqiang, chief editor of Tianfeng magazine, Rev. Geng Weizhong, president of Shanghai Chrisitian Council, Rev. Yu Jiang, director of Hongkou District Christian Council in Shanghai, as well as several staff of CCC&TSPM’s Media Department.

The theme of the Bible Day 2022 was to utilize the form of traditional Chinese paintings to illustrate Bible stories or Christian culture; to employ Chinese art to depict truth, kindness, beauty and faith, hope, love in guiding believers to build real faith with proper actions, love God and love people; from the Chinese aesthetic perspective to portray the love and strength in the faith.

The event had solicited more than 200 pieces of paintings created by believers from all parts of the country. A selection of over 50 pieces were exhibited in Jingling Church from December 10 to 14.

The opening ceremony of the Bible Day 2022 themed “Draw the Scripture” was held in Jingling Church on the afternoon of December 10.

Rev. Shan Weixiang said, this year the activity, with the theme “Draw the Scripture in the Chinese Art Form”, was an embracement of Chinese art and Christian culture, and a good demonstration that elaborated Biblical truth and faithful life in the Chinese imagination.

Rev. Hao Zhiqiang gave the benediction for the event. Afterwards, Yu Jiade, a renowned Chinese painter, shared his thought of creation as the representative painter. He initiated a new type of painting, namely Chinese Christian holy painting. With the use of Chinese elements and features, each piece of his holy painting can convey the creative concept and style of creation clearly to its viewers. The overall ambience and delicately engraved figures reveal his feelings to God, his aesthetic value and his interpretation of faith.

The opening ceremony attracted a crowd of people. Guests signed their names with the “Four Stationery Treasures” (namely brush, ink stone, ink stick and paper). Vividly and interestingly, the question and answer session created an immersive experience for visitors.

On the morning of December 11, the worship service of the Bible Day 2022 took place in Jingling Church, moderated by Rev. Yu Jiang.

Rev. Shan Weixiang cited Ephesians 2:10 to preach a sermon entitled “We Are God’s Masterpiece”.

In his speech, Rev. Wu Wei used Psalms 119:105 to stress the importance of Bible in terms of spiritual growth for Christians. He also mentioned that various art forms like calligraphy, poetry recitation, music and painting, allow more people to know the truth in Christ and to understand His word, which can be seen as a great attempt in indigenizing Christianity in the Chinese context and a good response to the grace of God.

Rev. Geng Weizhong also introduced the achievements of Bible ministries made by the Church in China since the opening-up policy. He said that the Word of God is the food of life, and expected that more people could support Bible ministries, enabling the believers in the distant areas to have a Bible to read.

Rev. Wang Jun, vice chairperson of National TSPM and director of Bible Ministries Commission, extended congratulations and expectation to the Bible Day via a video clip. He said, the Bible as the Christian classic illuminating people with the Word of God, represents the highest authority, living guidelines and strength for life of Christian faith. We shall crave the Scripture just like a deer that craves streams of water, live out a good testimony, and make more people know the Bible. We also need to fit into the society and promote the Chinanization of the Christian Church in China, passing forward the strength of love into the world by faith.

On behalf of CCC&TSPM, Rev. Wu Wei donated a customized version of Bible, which was imprinted with the pattern of church building, to Jingling Church as a commemorative gift.

Following the service, the congregation visited the Bible Day themed exhibition. Paintings that had been showcased manifested the techniques of Chinese painting: freehand, claborate-style, splashing ink, plain drawing, boneless, etc. There were also several versions of Bibles and copies of Tianfeng magazine published by CCC&TSPM on display. These helped the visitors to grow in their understanding of the status quo of Bible ministries and the Chinanization of the Christian Church in China.

Translated and edited by Bei Sang.