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Shaanxi CC&TSPM Ordains 57 Clergypersons
2023-02-21 Source: this site

On February 10, 2023, Shaanxi CC&TSPM held an ordination ceremony at the main Church in Jingyang County, Xianyang City.

Wang Chao (female), Wen Wulin, Zhu Junzhi (female), Liu Xichou (female), Yang Haiguang and seven others were ordained as pastors; Liu A’ning (female), Sun Zhenfang (female) and Zhang Huiling (female) were ordained as elders.

On the morning of February 12, Shaanxi CC&TSPM held an ordination ceremony at Weinan CC&TSPM’s directly affiliated church.

Twenty-six were ordained as pastors, including Yu Hongmei (female), Ye Quanmin, Fang Yali (female), Wang Dongmei (female), Wang Haichen, etc.; and 16 were ordained as elders, including Wang Li (female), Wang Xiaodong, Wang Congqin (female), Liu Yinxia (female), Liu Xiqin (female), etc.

Rev. Wang Jun, the chairperson and president of Shaanxi CC&TSPM, moderated the ordination ceremonies. After the declaration and questioning, he led the prayers and gave exhortations. The ordination team performed the laying on of hands, issuing certificates and presenting gifts. There were 57 ordained in total.

Translated and edited by Bei Sang.