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Shandong CC&TSPM Ordains Pastors and Elders
2024-06-04 Source: this site

On May 19, 2024, Shandong CC&TSPM held an ordination ceremony at Jiangsu Road Church in Qingdao.

Rev. Zhao Kaijie presided over the ordination service and Rev. Dong Meiqin delivered the sermon. Rev. Dong Meiqin encouraged the candidates to humble themselves and bear witness to Christ’s sufferings. They should shepherd the flock according to God’s will, serving with willingness but greed, never lording it over those entrusted to them, but being examples to the flock. It is necessary to remain vigilant, stay true to their original calling, and serve the society as God’s stewards with faithfulness, goodness, and wisdom, in receiving an incorruptible crown of glory.

The ordination ceremony was officiated by Rev. Wang Mengkun. Rev. Gao Yongliang introduced all candidates to the congregation. Song Tao, Song Xuedong (female), Yang Xiaoyang, Gao Enlin, Ren Zhiting, Jin Yinzhe, and Chen Yanfu were ordained as pastors, and Xin Wenjuan (female), Jin Haiying (female), and Ge Lihua (female) as elders.

Translator & editor: Bei Feng