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Geng Weizhong

Geng Weizhong, male, Shanghainese, was born in Shanxi in March 1967. He received a Master of Divinity at Trinity Theological College (Singapore), majoring in Bible translation and interpretation.

He served as Vice Chairperson of Shanxi TSPM, teacher of East China Theological Seminary, Director of Qingpu District CC in Shanghai, Associate Secretary General of Shanghai CC&TSPM, Director of Shanghai YMCA, Associate General Secretary of CCC.

He currently serves as Residential Vice President of CCC and Chairperson of Shanghai CC.

He is also a Committee Member of the 4th and 5th CPPCC in Qingpu District, Committee Member of the 13th and 14th CPPCC in Shanghai, and Deputy Director of the 14th CPPCC's Committee on Ethnic and Religious Affairs in Shanghai.