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CCC&TSPM Organized an Inter-faith Delegation To USA for a Study Tour on Senior Care Service
2017-11-01 Social Service Department

From October 15 to 25, 2017, a delegation which composed of Christian, Catholic and Buddhist,conducted a ten-day tour on senior care services  in Pennsylvania. The project is organized and coordinated by Social Services Department of CCC&TSPM. The local host was Mennonite Healthcare Service Alliance (MHS) under MCC, which is the second time to cooperate for such tour study. 


In order to reach the purpose and improve the effectiveness of this study, the MHS held a series of discussions and plans of study schedule with CCC&TSPM. The schedule includes visiting 13 different types of senior service facilities and 4 management trainings. The content includes two aspects: the first is the organization management, including human resources management, team building, financial management, marketing, funding and so on; the second one is practice and services, including the care of the senior with dementia, to design daily activities for senior people, to use of rehabilitation equipment and to design a reasonable living environment.


The project is designed to enhance the leadership and professional senior care services knowledge of religion administrators. In order to response to the age problem of our country, we will try our best to localize good senior care services experience in the U.S, so that we can apply to our own social services. 

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