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Commission on Social Service
2018-12-15 Source: this site


n  Promote the ideas and values of modern charity work in local churches, and raise churches' awareness of engaging in public service; address social needs, provide guidance in accordance with doctrines, facilitate the social service in local churches, and contribute to the building of a harmonious society;

n  Participate in the formulation of 'Guidance on the Development of China Christian Social Service', help the Department of Social Service provide training for social workers, and promote the establishment and intensity of the social service brands of the church in China;

n  Conduct research on the common problems of our church's social service and offer advice, put forward proposals for social public policies as members of NPC and CPPCC when it is necessary, provide professional advice on major charitable projects in the church in China, make periodic appraisal of the charity work and social service of the church in China.


Director: Jin Wei (female)

Deputy Directors: Xu Lunsheng, He Jiemiao, Gu Yuese

Commissioners: Ma Xin, Yin Huici (female), Yue Yanting, Liu Bin, Wei Yuemin, Rao Jianhua, Guo Yun, Cheng Baoshan, Kong Qingsheng

Secretary: Chen Yue (female)