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Bible Ministry Commission
2018-12-15 Source: this site


n  Research the demand on the Bible in the church in China, give advice and suggestions to CCC&TSPM for Bible publication and distribution;

n  Promote international communication of the Bible ministry, and learn about the tendency of the overseas Bible ministry development;

n  Forward the work of Bible translation and revision in satisfying multiple needs of believers from all parts of China;

n  Advocate plentiful activities on the Bible day in local churches, and encourage believers to be diligent in reading the Bible.


Director: Shen Xuebin

Deputy Directors: Qiu Zhonghui, Liang Ming

Commissioners: Deng Jianwei, Chen Zhi, Liu Yuwen, Gao Xuehong, Li Lancheng, Chen Lifu, Chen Tianyuan, Li Yungen, Li Renzhong, Chen Xiaolang, Chen Dingliang

Secretary: Xie Sheng (female)