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Stewards of God’s Mysteries
2018-11-20 Tianfeng Official Account

When God created man, He made it clear that man’s mandate is to multiply, subdue and have dominion over the earth. Every man living on earth is a steward sent by God. How to be a competent steward requires constant exploration and practice.


From the verses in Genesis, we know that God first made the earth and the heavens, and then man.


The LORD God brought every living thing of the earth and of the heavens to the man Adam. The first mandate that God gave Adam is to give names to every living creature according to its kinds.


This was the first thing man do. God brought all living creatures to Adam. God asked him not only to give names to all creations, but also to govern the world.



The first profession of man is to govern all living creatures of the heavens, on the earth and of the sea, according to their kinds.


Man should be the steward and servant in the house of God. It’s our duty to faithfully build and manage the house.


In Genesis 1:11-13 and 1:20-22, God presented a beautiful world before us.


It is a harmonious, perfect world where birds, fish and other living creatures live and grow together in harmony.


We should manage the world well, never ruin it, sabotage it, and let it be perfect so that we can be responsible and never feel ashamed when Christ Jesus returns.


These two verses also embody the eternal idea and imperishable truth that God loves the world.



We hope human society can be harmonious and beautiful, in which man can live and grow together, love each other, help each other and connect with each other.


Man loves each other; countries and races respect and help each other. These are the duties of God’s stewards.


God asked Adam to not only name everything on the earth, but also govern the world and enjoy the world.


In that way, each one of us living on the earth, because of God's unreserved preparation, should not only govern the world well, but also be grateful.


We, as servants and faithful stewards, should be grateful to God because He gave us everything we have.


Being grateful makes us generous rather than selfish, so that we can love each other, rebuild our good characters, just like Jesus Christ.


Being grateful makes us tolerant, less resentful, without anger and complaints in our hearts.


Being grateful makes us patient enough to wait for the LORD God and to become a new person with a new life.


Brothers and sisters, God, through this natural and beautiful world, teaches us to value His Creation, the harmony and beauty of this world, gives us joy and peace on the earth.


Now that we are the stewards of God’s home, we should be faithful to the work He gave us with absolute devotion and glorify the name of God.


We ought to govern the home well so that people can feel the universal and complete love that God gives man. We should have real and everlasting love.



Such love transcends cultures, traditions, countries and languages. It is long-lasting, persistent and never fails.


To love other means we must give and sacrifice what we view as precious.


Jesus Christ had neither treasure, nor splendid houses or cars. Instead, He just said, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”(Matthew 8:20)


Although Jesus Christ did not even have a tiny place, He said, “come and follow me”. What does that mean? It means that we should not treasure anything on the earth. Instead, we should learn to let it go in order to have eternal life.


God requires us to love, not just by saying love through our mouth. God wants us brothers and sisters to be His faithful stewards with real, touchable and very specific love.


Meanwhile, God wants us to be his faithful stewards who govern this beautiful world, a harmonious world where man loves each other, helps each other. We not only need to manifest our specific love, but also love with everlasting patience and perseverance every single day.


Brothers and sisters, God commands us to see today’s giving as love that helps us to look after, care for and understand others.



We should look upon our family, our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, those who have not yet returned to the Lord, and those who are still lost sheep in the darkness.


Jesus Christ wants us to look upon them and show mercy on them all the time.


In addition, God requires us to love across the boundaries of culture, traditions, countries and nations.


In this way, we can glorify the honor of God and be His faithful stewards.


Brothers and sister, when we value Jesus Christ and his teaching over everything else and strictly follow his commandments when we live on the earth, we can have a new form of life, just like Jesus Christ who resurrected from the dead by the glory of Father. We are no longer slaves of sins and will be filled with the glorious image of Jesus Christ.


In this way, we can learn how to love, to sacrifice ourselves, to be helpful, merciful and to love others selflessly with compassion, so that we can build a harmonious and beautiful homeland for all humankind.


Each one of us hopes to be the steward in God’s beautiful homeland. The LORD God has showed us the path in the Book of Micah 6:8.


As God’s faithful steward, each of us who live in this world should shoulder the responsibility of honoring God. We should do justice, be merciful and honest and walk with God.


Let us forget the past and look into the future. We should learn to govern, treasure, preserve the beautiful world God gives us, so as to become the stewards of God’s mysteries standing not ashamed before him.