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2018 Jumble Sale Held in Kunshan Church
2018-12-07 Source: this site

On 24th November, 2018, a warm sunny day, Kunshan Church’s annual jumble sale kicked off in the wonderful music, which attracted a great number of people.

The jumble sale this year was themed after ‘Be Grateful for Love Is Priceless’. It set eight stalls and each had three staff in charge.  


On the pulpit, the news of the sale was announced to the congregation, which received attention and support from brothers and sisters below. They needed to come earlier and bring a few second-handed items like clothes which had just been worn for one or two times, toys and others. Donation goods then were sorted, and priced.

The church enjoyed a boisterous atmosphere, in which church members, brothers and sisters were all in high spirits and touched in hearing of the words of thanksgiving. They donated love and received pleasure. The church collected a total amount of 12,300RMB  from this activity, and would give it to the Shangai Fund in Kunshan City and expected more people in need could benefit from it.

Even though the jumble sale this year came to an end, the deeds of love and care to people could never cease. May Christ bestow us love and guide us to spread the love and benefit people.