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Senior Believers in Wuhan Nursing Home Receive Care and Encouragement during the Lantern Festival
2019-02-28 Source: this site

On 20th February 2019, it was a rainy and overcast day in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Rev. Wang Yao’en from the Hubei Thanksgiving Church along with other church staff and members visited Wu Han Jiuzhen Mount Nursing Home. On behalf of the church, Rev. Wang brought the believers Lantern Festival gifts and held a communion service for them.

踏遍青山人未老 别样恩典别样情.jpg

Rev. Zhang from Zhongnan Theological Seminary cited the verses from 2 Chronicles 16:12, and gave a sermon titled “Closely rely on God” using Asa’s stories to encourage senior believers to be wholly dependent upon God rather than stay away from Him even in their old age.

Brother Wang and his wife at the age 92, and Brother Zhou and his wife, who were over 98 years old were among the senior believers in the nursing home. They were very grateful with the bread and cup at their hands. They appreciated the visit of the church staff members who brought them care, the Word of God and the communion service for them.