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“Flying Eagle” Ministry in Progress
2019-04-04 Source: this site

On March 19, 2019, Triumph Church launched the “Flying Eagle” ministry in Kuancheng District, Changchun City, Jilin Province. The first five faculty training classes of the "Flying Eagle" ministry and the first five “Mothers’ English Learning Classes” opened on the same day.   


Zhou Xingting, a preacher who was in charge of the ministry, said that “Flying Eagle” aims to help parents reshape their educational values and equip them with educational skills.

Considering the demands of parents, the ministry began with the “Mother’s English Learning Class”, with ten parents in each class. Parents can learn basic language skills and build up confidence in tutoring their children.


To make sure the smooth running of the “Flying Eagle” ministry, Rev. Jin Xing and coworkers of Triumph Church prayed for the ministry, and conducted detailed research and preparation work. They invited professional English teachers to give lectures and hoped that mothers in the church will not only build up their faith but also be well equipped with knowledge.

Mothers who attended the class said that they had acknowledged their responsibilities as parents. They should first become their children's friends and teachers, and virtue cultivation is murch more important than financial support.