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19 Newly-Ordained Pastors and Elders Join Pastoral Teams in Shanghai and Shandong
2019-09-03 Source: this site

On the afternoon of August 21, 2019, Shanghai Christian Council held an ordination service in Mu’en Church (Moore Memorial Church) in Huangpu District.


Rev. Ge Weizhong, president of Shanghai Christian Council moderated the service. Rev. Xu Yulan, president of Shanghai TSPM gave a sermon entitled “Be Shepherds of the Church of God”.  



Those to be ordained as pastors were Shi Ying (female), Zhu Jin (female), Tang Wei’en (female), Xu Jianan (female), Xu Zhe, Liu Song (female), Luo Xing (female), Chang Meina (female), Su Zhiming, Yang Xiunv (female) and Hong Tiancou.


Newly-ordained Elders were Du Hongdi, Li Hua, Gu Guifang (female), Xu Xinglan (female), Yang Jinxian (female) and Zhang Luorong.


It was followed by a symposium, hosted by Rev. Ge Weizhong. At the symposium were Rev. Cao Shengjie, former president of China Christian Council, Rev. Xu Yulan, leaders of CC&TSPM of various districts, newly-ordained pastors and Elders, and clergies from their churches.


Rev. Cao Shengjie urged the newly-ordained staff members to keep on equipping themselves and enrich the knowledge of many kinds.


Rev. Geng Weizhong concluded that the pastoral team in an international metropolitan like Shanghai in this era should devote more time to the theological thinking, and constantly enhance overall qualification of its members.  


On August 24, 2019, Shandong Christian Council held an ordination service in the Gospel Church of Shandong Theological Seminary. Over 100 pastors and staff members attended the ceremony.



Rev. Ren Xianmin, consultant of Shandong CC&TSPM moderated the service. Rev. Li Hongyu, vice president and vice chairman of Shandong CC&TSPM encouraged the ordained to serve following the teaching of the Lord and the principles in the Bible.


Rev. Gao Ming, president of Shandong TSPM exhorted the two candidates who were to be ordained to stay held in the Lord, resolve to be hard-working and hopeful, make it our goal by faith to please Him and prepare to appear before the judgment seat of Christ.


Pastors including Rev. Gao Ming, Rev. Wu Jianyin, Rev. Li Hongyu, Rev. Sun Fatian, Rev. Xia Lingjun, Rev. Zhang Jianshun, Rev. Zou Zhongyi, and Rev. Ren Xianmin respectively performed the ordination to Wang Wei and Du Nana.


The ordination service ended up successfully with Rev. Zou zhongyi’s praying and the benediction by the newly-ordained pastor Rev. Wang Wei.