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CCC&TSPM’s Overseas Exchanges with BSS, LHM, HKCC and the Church of England
2021-06-04 Source: this site

On the morning of May 26, 2021, President of CCC Rev. Wu Wei and Vice President & General Secretary Rev. Shan Weixiang attended a virtual meeting jointly held with the Bible Society of Singapore.


During the meeting, Rev. Wu Wei extended appreciation towards the financial aids from BSS as well as its support over these years. Rev. Shan Weixiang introduced the ongoing church ministries in China, together with the publication of Bibles in recent years. He welcomed overseas friends to come and visit China to enhance exchanges and eliminate misunderstandings, and let the world know more about the Church in China.  


Prof. Lee Soo Ann, President of BSS, reviewed the cooperation between BSS and the Amity Printing in Bible printing ministry, along with other ministries collaboratively implemented with the UBS. He expected to have a more broadened partnership with the Church in China. Rev. Terry Kee Buck Hwa, emeritus president of the National Council of Churches in Singapore, was also present and he said that the good experience and resources that the Church in China has can pose a positive and beneficial influence on overseas churches. The churches in Singapore are eager to help build a platform to share information and promote more exchanges between churches in China and overseas.



On the morning of May 27, Rev. Shan Weixiang had a virtual meeting with Ms. Gunya Na Thalang, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ regional director for Asia, and Rev. Zhu Jingcai, consultant of LHM’s China Partnership.

Rev. Shan Weixiang said, CCC&TSPM and LHM have maintained a good partnership with each other over the past 30 years in publishing, printing and other ministries. Rev. Shan also especially shared how the Aiji Printing Press combated the epidemic crisis and that with consistent efforts Aiji saw a steady rise in its revenue. He expressed gratitude towards LHM for the continuous support to the printing press.



Director Ms. Gunya Na Thalang then introduced the ministries carried out by LHM as well as its current staff arrangement. She has been attentive to the church ministries in China and hoped that the two sides could strengthen exchanges and mutual understanding via new media channels. Rev. Zhu Jingcai introduced the situation of local churches since the epidemic outbreak, and also extended greetings in the Lord to staff members of CCC&TSPM on behalf of LHM.



On the same morning, Rev. Xu Xiaohong, chairperson of National TSPM, joined a virtual meeting with Rev. Dr. So Shing-yit, chairperson of the Hong Kong Christian Council.



At the virtual meeting, Vice President of CCC Rev. Shen Xuebin shared the anti-epidemic measures by China’s society and churches, congregational activities, and the stable development of the society. Mr. Gu Mengfei, secretary general of National TSPM, mentioned the challenges facing the Church in China during the epidemic, as well as the progress made in the indigenization and contextualization of Christianity in China. Rev. Dr. So Shing-yit and other attendees then shared church ministries and challenges in Hong Kong.



At last, Rev. Xu Xiaohong said that he felt grateful to see the joint declaration recently signed by five denominations in Hong Kong based upon the agreement on justice and doctrines. The two sides said that they would pray for each other. They also hoped the epidemic could end soon so as to resume face-to-face exchanges and mutual visits.



On the afternoon of May 27, Rev. Shen Xuebin also participated in a virtual meeting with delegates of the Church of England, Bishop David Andrew Urquhart and Office Director Stephen Knott. The two sides shared the anti-epidemic situation of the churches in the two countries over the past year, as well as the progress of church ministries. They also talked over how to restart visits after the pandemic ends. 


Translated and edited by Bei Sang.