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Graduation Season: Seminaries Send off Graduates of 2021
2021-07-13 Source: this site

On the evening of 21st June, 2021, Zhongnan Theological Seminary held the 2021 graduation evening gala and the commissioning service. Students of different classes gave great shows and performances at the evening gala as a way of sending off the graduates.



On the afternoon of 22nd June, the seminary held the graduation ceremony. Rev. Zhao Qiufen, academic dean of the seminary, announced the name list of all 32 graduates. President Rev. Zhu Zhiguo conferred graduation certificates to these graduates. All of them sang Christ is Mine Forevermore together, declaring their belief that the Lord’s companion would be everlasting throughout their journey.

On 24th June, East China Theological Seminary conducted a thanksgiving service and a graduation ceremony for the 2021 graduates in the seminary’s auditorium. This year the seminary had 129 graduates in total, some of whom graduated with a bachelor's degree in theology or sacred music, while others were from the theology extension class.


On 25th June, Nanjing Union Theological Seminary had the 2021 graduation service and ceremony. Of all 143 graduates, 123 were awarded a bachelor's degree, 15 a master's degree and 5 a doctor's degree.


On 27th June, Fujian Theological Seminary held the 2021 graduation service and ceremony in Fushen Church and livestreamed the activity simultaneously. The seminary’s graduates of 2021 were up to 400 students. 165 were conferred with graduation certificates or diplomas, while the rest of them graduated from the extension class in Pingtan.



On the morning of 28th June, Zhejiang Theological Seminary held the 2021 graduation service and ceremony. There were 58 graduates in total, including 20 with a master's degree in pastoral ministry, 19 with a bachelor's degree in theology, and 19 with an associate college degree in biblical studies.


On the morning of July 2, 2021, Jiangxi Bible School held the Graduation Thanksgiving Service and Ceremony for all the 70 graduating students of 2021.



Academic Dean Rev. Wu Hongying announced the names of the graduating students of 2021 as well as those who finished the first-term clergy training class. Rev. Li Yungen, president of Jiangxi Bible School awarded them with certificates or diplomas. Rev. Yao Baoshan put the cross upon each graduate, which implies that each of them shall clothe themselves with Christ, follow Him as their role model and walk forward with His yoke upon their shoulders.


On the same day, Yanjing Theological Seminary conducted the Graduation Service and Ceremony for the class of 2021 in the seminary’s chapel. This year the seminary had 19 graduates, 5 of whom received the Bachelor of Theology degree.



On July 3, Inner Mongolia Bible School conducted the Graduation Service and Ceremony for the class of 2021. Rev. Zhu Junwei, vice president of Inner Mongolia CC and vice president of Inner Mongolia Bible School announced the name list of the graduates of 2021. With great gratitude and joy, all the 24 graduates were called onto the stage to receive their certificates conferred by the president.


On June 30, Jilin Bible School held the 2021 graduation ceremony and service in Holy Love Church. 31 graduates finishing all courses received their certificates successfully. To strengthen the talent cultivation of the faculty in Jilin churches, these graduates would continue to pursue advanced studies in Northeast Theological Seminary.


On June 30, Anhui Theological Seminary held a commencement ceremony for the college class of 2021. All 26 graduates received certificates.


On July 2, Shandong Theological Seminary held the 2021 graduation ceremony. Certificates were conferred on 125 graduates in total, including 34 undergraduate students, 27 junior college students and 64 students of the layperson’s class.


On July 6, Heilongjiang Theological Seminary held 2021 graduation ceremony for 46 graduates with bachelor's degrees in Biblical studies, sacred music and special education.


On July 9, Guizhou Bible School conducted the 2021 thanksgiving service and graduation ceremony at the chapel. Approximately 150 people attended the service, including several staff of Guizhou CC&TSPM, Guiyang CC&TSPM and churches in Guiyang, students of first class of Guizhou provincial Christian training center, and representatives of graduates’ families.

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On July 10, Northeast Theological Seminary held the 2021 graduation service and ceremony in the Stone Church. There were 130 graduates in total, including 78 with bachelor's degrees and 52 with secondary school diplomas.


Translated and edited by Bei Sang.