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Seminaries Welcomes Season of Graduation
2024-07-05 Source: this site

On the morning of June 15, 2024, Fujian Theological Seminary held the 2024 graduation thanksgiving service and graduation ceremony at Fushen Church. Sixty-four seminarians successfully completed their studies and shouldered the holy mission to go to the threshing floor. All the students and faculty members of the seminary, family members of some graduates, and church pastors congregated to celebrate the great moment.

Rev. Yue Qinghua conferred certificates upon all the graduates, and exchanged gifts with them on behalf of the seminary. After the solemn liturgy of commissioning, all the graduates stood up and sang the seminary song “Always Be His Servant”, expressing their will to keep the vision and head towards the eternal covenant.

On the morning of June 20, Nanjing Union Theological Seminary held the 2024 graduation service and graduation ceremony in the seminary’s auditorium. Rev. Chen Yilu, Executive Vice President of the NJUTS, announced the list of the 2024 graduates. This year there were 133 students completing their studies, including 94 undergraduates, 34 postgraduates and five  doctorate students in pastoral ministry. All the graduates sang the song “Farewell, My Alma Mater.”

On the morning of June 21, Zhejiang Theological Seminary held the 2024 graduation service and graduation ceremony. During the service, Rev. Huang Mingke, Vice Chairperson and Secretary General of Zhejiang TSPM, preached a sermon entitled You Know Those from Whom You Learned It?, exhorting all to put into practice what theyve learned, advocate righteousness, and conduct good deeds. The choir of the seminary performed the hymn Be Thou My Vision, conveying the hope for living and the grace of serving. Graduates from the class of pastoral ministry and undergraduates from the class of theology respectively sang Missionand Honoring God and Benefiting the People, expressing their willingness to live up to the call of God and go to the threshing floor. They are willing to follow the path of Jesus, fulfilling the great mission to share the gospel. Of all the 34 graduates of the class of 2024, half received master’s degree in pastoral ministry, and half bachelor’s degree in theology.

On the morning of June 21, Northeast Theological Seminary held the graduation thanksgiving service and graduation ceremony. Up to 142 undergraduates and secondary school students successfully completed their studies. Citing Luke 16:10, Elder Shi Aijun, Chairperson of Liaoning TSPM and President of the seminary, gave a sermon titled Be Faithful in Small Amount, to encourage all to be trustworthy, well-informed and conscientious servants in the new era. All the graduates then sang Hallelujah together.

On the morning of June 24, Shaanxi Bible School held the completion of Shaanxi CC&TSPMs third quality training course for backbone pastoral personnel, along with the graduation thanksgiving service and ceremony for the seventh theological college class. The event took place in the chapel of the Bible school. Rev. Wang Hong, President of the Bible school, awarded graduation certificates to 15 college class graduates and 51 training course graduates. Representing Shaanxi CC&TSPM, Rev. Yang Haitao presented books to the graduates as encouragement gifts. In return, the graduates presented gifts to their alma mater as a token of appreciation.

Translator & editor: Bei Feng