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CCC&TSPM Receives Delegation of Macao Churches
2023-09-27 Source: this site

On the morning of September 19, 2023, a twenty-person delegation from the churches in Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) visited CCC&TSPM. Rev. Xu Xiaohong, Chairperson of National TSPM, and Rev. Wu Wei, President of CCC, extended warm welcome towards the delegation. Rev. Shen Xuebin, Residential Vice President of CCC, moderated the meeting. Rev. Shan Weixiang, Vice President and General Secretary of CCC, Mr. Gu Mengfei, Secretary General of National TSPM, Rev. Dr. Lin Manhong, Residential Associate General Secretary of CCC, and others received the guests.

Mr. Wu Hui, the vice minister of Coordination of the Liaison Office of Central People’s Government in Macao SAR, said that he felt glad to visit CCC&TSPM in this beautiful season, and this exchange was highly valued. CCC&TSPM’s visit to Macao, together with the Seminar on the Chinanization of the Christian Church in China that took place in Hong Kong SAR in May this year, has been a great inspiration for the Christianity in Macao. It is believed that this visit could further facilitate the communication between the churches in both Macao and the mainland of China, which is conducive to the development of the churches in Macao.

On behalf of CCC&TSPM, Rev. Xu Xiaohong warmly welcomed the delegation, and reviewed the development of Christianity in China, especially in Macao and Shanghai. He referred to the seminar on the Chinanization of the Christian Church in China, during which he perceived the recognition and passion of the churches in Hong Kong and Macao for the Chinanization. He was also amazed at the positive results (such as clearing up misunderstandings) achieved through discussion and exchange of ideas. Rev. Xu said that China is undergoing the unprecedented changes unseen in a hundred years. The blessing of God is revealed not only in national development and social progress, but also in healthy heritage of the church. Frequent communication between the churches in Macao and the mainland is expected to help each other learn about church development in different places, support the ministry of mutual concern and achieve mutual growth.

Rev. Wu Wei recalled the long-standing interaction between the churches in the mainland and Macao, as well as the history of the National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China. He explained the Three-Self Principles upheld by the Church in China, along with the goals and significance of advancing the Chinanization of the Christian Church in China. He emphasized that Chinese Christians should bear our own witness and fulfil our mission to spread the gospel, witness and build the church according to the biblical teachings. Thanks be to God. Despite the challenges of all sorts, the national development and church growth are still the mainstream of this great era. We remember the contributions and prayers of the brothers and sisters from Macao churches for the churches in the mainland.

On behalf of the Macao delegation, Rev. Lan Zhonggang, Chairpersonof the Union Association of Christian Sheun Tao Church in Hong Kong & Macau Districtand senior pastor of the Sheun Tao Church, expressed gratitude for the warm reception. He briefly introduced the development of the churches in Macao before and after its return to China. Greater progress has been made in social services and various other aspects of the churches in Macao. Rev. Lan hoped that this visit would deepen the communication between the churches in both Macao and the mainland, with more opportunities to collaborate and mutually benefit each other.

During the meeting, the delegates raised a few questions concerning the Chinanization of the Christian Church in China, church pastoral care, foreign language congregations, etc. Rev. Xu, Rev. Wu, Rev. Shen and Rev. Shan then gave responses respectively.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Grace Telling Bookshop.

Translated and edited by Bei Feng.