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2023 Hakka Sacred Music Worship Service Held in Southern Jiangxi Province
2023-10-26 Source: this site

On October 4, 2023, Ganzhou CC&TSPM held the 2023 Hakka Sacred Music Worship Service for Christianity in the Southern Jiangxi Province at the Xijin Road Gospel Church, Zhanggong District. Approximately 300 people attended the event, including Rev. Lin Feng, Vice Chairperson of Jiangxi TSPM, Rev. Yao Dafang, Vice Chairperson and Secretary General of Jiangxi TSPM, Rev. Lin Guanfu, Vice President and General Secretary of Jiangxi CC, leaders of Ganzhou CC&TSPM and church leaders and believers from the churches in Ganzhou City.

A variety of splendid shows featuring the sacred music with Hakka styles were presented during the worship service. These included the hymn “Thank God for the Harvest” by the Gospel Church of Ruijin City, “Jesus Christ Is Born Today”by a Hakka choir in Ganzhou, folk music performance of “Marvelous Works of God” by the Zhanggong District Church, a hymn with Hakka folk song style by the Longnan County Church, and so forth. Among them, a group of suona players from the Gongjiang Church in Yudu County contributed to a unique and distinctive show called “Almighty Lord Jesus”.

Translated and edited by Bei Feng.