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Grey Hair Is the Crown of Glory
2018-09-28 Social Service Department

The elderly in Hulunbuir Lusi Nursing Home had a joint birthday party for the first time.


Funded and built by Hulunbuir CC&TSPM, Hulunbuir Lusi Nursing Home is a place covering an area of 21000 square meters, allowing the accommodation of over 500 people. So far, it has prepared many rooms with the number of 160 beds. This nursing home has been opened since 1st June in 2018, and has already provided service to 55 people whom are separately in the states of disability, half-caring and vigor. Hulunbuir Lusi Nursing Home has 9 full-time care workers, and 6 people for administration and logistics serving different departments (including the administrative office, the caring, the logistics, finance, purchasing, medical rehabilitation, and sports& recreation). The care workers in Lusi Nursing Home are clearly aware of the call and duty to care people with love. All of them have taken professional training with the intention to create a reputation of faithfulness and high-quality service.


Among all the 55 senior people in the caring home, 7 of them were born in the seventh lunar month (September on Gregorian calendar). Considering the fact that these senior people come not for long and are still unfamiliar with the new environment, and their busy children may hardly spare time to be with them on their birthdays, to show care and love, care workers come up with the idea of holding the first joint birthday celebration for the elderly people on 3rd September, 2018. This can help them get used to the new environment and somehow compensate for their loneliness.


The birthday celebration was themed after 'Grey Hair Is the Grown of Glory'. It was hosted by Hulunbuir CC& TSPM’s vice-chairman and secretary pastor Gao Zhigang. He also addressed a brief speech. Hulunbuir Lusi Nursing Home’s advisor and Vice-president Lin Jinmu also delivered a speech. Hulunbuir Christian Elder Ye Lijuan gave the blessing to the people. Likewise, former inner Mongolia Autonomous Region CC&TSPM president pastor Fan Chengzu's wife, and Hulunbuir Lusi Nursing Home Caring department director sister Guo Xiaoli made their appearance to celebrate birthday for the 7 senior people on the joint birthday party. Brother Wang, an old man who lives in nursing home and soon chooses to convert to Christ, is one of those senior people who celebrated their birthday on the joint birthday party. His family also turned up to say thanks to the nursing home. Other activities also went on, including the birthday gift-giving which was by the children in the nursing home to the elderly, group dancing 'Jesus love me', and poem-reciting 'Blessing from Heaven' by Brother Pengfei. Afterwards, all sang the song Happy Birthday together to the elderly, whom later also received candies from the children. Then, the elderly and their family, president, and care workers shared the birthday cake. Each of these 7 senior people also had warm hand-made noodle signified as long lives by the canteen logistics.


Nearly 40 old people attended the joint birthday party. The disability in the nursing home had not been forgotten. Although these people cannot make their appearance to the joint birthday party, they can still feel the warmth and love, and have the birthday cake sent in each room by care workers. It is worthwhile to mention that fruits provided on the birthday party were from the Hulunbuir CC&TSPM's own green house, with the birthday cake well designed by care workers. The elderly in the nursing home enjoyed the dancing show performed by the children, received blessings, love and care from nursing home staff and their family, which together helped create a rather harmonious vibe as great as a heavenly feast.


Both the elderly and the nursing home staff enjoyed the birthday party, and the elderly even felt deeply touched with tears in their eyes. Care workers together also prayed for these people, and wished Lusi Nursing Home would become the elderly's crown of glory. At the very end, all the people sang the song of Today I Bless You and then ended this joint birthday party.