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Commission on the Media Ministry

Commission on the Media Ministry

2018-12-15 Source: this site


n  Advise on the editing and proofreading of Tianfeng;

n  Make rational suggestions on the publication and distribution for CCC&TSPM;

n  Plan and advise for running the official website and new media properly ;

n  Advise on promoting the sacred music ministry for the church in China;

n  Endeavor to train talents in writing.


Director: Shan Weixiang

Deputy Directors: Wang Jun, Xie Bingguo, Cai Kui

Commissioners: Mao Yajun, Lv Dong, Li Dajun, Li Shizheng, Chen Fengsheng, Chen Bin, Xie Baohua (female), Xue Shihai

Secretary: Qiu Yun (female)